Baumgardner Funeral Home, Family Run and Operated. Small enough to care but Large enough to serve.

A family owned funeral home that is dedicated to taking the time to fulfill your family expectations.

Located in Fort Worth, TX and offers burial services at all cemeteries

Baumgardner Funeral Home. A family business since 1971.

3704 Benbrook Hwy, Fort Worth TX 76116

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We are available 24 hours and our preference of communication is the telephone and or face to face conversations although if you need to reach us via email please use the form below.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas offering Funeral Services and burials in all cemeteries. We also offer various Cremation Services. Please call for a price quote.

phone: 817-731-8400

fax: 817-244-9317

address: 3704 Benbrook Hwy, Fort Worth TX 76116 (map is shown below)

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If a funeral home is located on the cemetery of your choice you are not required to use it.   Give us a call and we can assure you that we will be able to furnish you with a dignified service of equal value but considerably lower in cost. Except in certain cases embalming is not required by law. We are licensed to bury in all cemeteries in Texas and can make arrangements for out of state and country burials.

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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at 817-731-8400.

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