Baumgardner Funeral Home was established in 1971

Celebrating life has a final resting place.
Every persons wishes can be granted and our staff's objective is to aid in the process.
A funeral director is available to conduct a memorial service at another location, accepting, transporting, and arranging flowers.  Or you may simply need to use one of our facilities for a place to visit with family and friends without a formal memorial service. 
Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be glad to explain the services and charges.
~ To help you understand some common options we have listed some variations below.

Traditional Chapel Service:               
-This cremation service includes facilities, professional services of funeral director, staff for removal of deceased, embalming, professional care of remains, one day of visitation, a chapel service at Baumgardner Chapel, Fort Worth or Crowley, oak rental casket with insert, crematory fee, memorial book, acknowledgement cards and memory folders.
Direct Cremation:               
-A direct cremation is a cremation without services or viewing.  Our direct cremation includes minimum professional services of funeral director and staff, facilities, removal of deceased, refrigeration, crematory charges, filing of all other necessary documents, a body bag and cardboard container.
Direct Cremation with Memorial Service:               
-This includes the cost of the direct cremation, a memorial service at one of our two locations, memorial book and acknowledgement cards.
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